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Israel Driving License Theory Test

The Online Tool for Learning the Road Rules

Exam Questions and Answers

This site is a tool, designed to help learn the traffic rules, and prepare for the Israeli theoretical driving license test. The site is built in such a way, to make the process of remembering the traffic laws and the exam questions easier. This is achieved by a set of simple techniques: The exam questions are shown one by one in a random order, however, the more difficult questions have a greater probability to be shown at the beginning of the test.
You will see a question and the possible answers. You have all the time to think and decide, which one is right. I suggest not to rush, the more time you concentrate on the question, the better you will remember it. When you reach a decision, click on the answer which you think is the right one. If your choice is right, this answer will appear in green. Or, when the answer is incorrect it will appear in red, and the correct answer will simultaneously appear in green. This way, you will be able to work on your mistake immediately, and remember the right answer for this question. The incorrectly answered questions will be shown again and again, until you have it right.
It is advisable to work out all the questions (the whole lesson) more than once. How many times? - This is up to you, really, and it depends on your ability to remember new information. Since the more difficult questions are frequently shown at the beginning, it makes sense to work out the first part of the test (200 - 400 questions) more times than the rest of the test.
You will have the option of saving your lesson, which includes the list of the questions answered correctly, so that you can continue on another occasion or even from another computer. No registration for this site is necessary. You will be able to choose a name and a password for your lesson during a save process.
If an exam question is not clear, you can add a comment (separated for each exam question) and ask for help from other site users. It is possible to recieve a feedback for your comment by e-mail.

The site contains all the questions which were published by the Israel Ministry of Transport on March 2011. The questions have not changed significantly since. Minor changes are updated into this site recently.
A traffic signs definition (Hebrew, PDF) can be viewed here: Israel traffic signs.

You will get 30 questions on the real exam, which have to be answered in 40 minutes. It is allowed to have 4 wrong answers to still pass the exam.
You will have to pay 63 shekels (54 in Eilat) for the exam. You can sign up for the exam online: theorytest.org.il.

This site is absolutely free of charge.

If the site has been useful to you, you can thank its creator and administrator by donating any amount of your choice.

I would appreciate if you inform me about any mistakes by email:

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Idea and implementation: Konstantin Shahmurov. Israel. Beer-Sheva. 2011 - 2023.